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AMERA CONSULTING GROUP offers the following business strategy and consulting services in Austin, Texas:

a no-nonsense, objective look at your company.
a thorough review of your top concerns among more than 130 business variables.
a new perspective on what's working and what's not.
an overview of issues you may not have considered.
independent analysis of your financial standing and company operations.
ideas for improving efficiency and designing a clear plan of action.
immediate avenues for making more money.

EXPERT CONSULTING - for all of your business departments:
outside, unbiased objectivity and expertise.
opportunities to quickly turn a company's weaknesses into strengths.
a clear match of our unique talents to your company's specific needs.
solutions to companywide and interdepartmental concerns.
specialized departmental expertise - from sales to operations to financial management.

produce greater employee performance and enjoyment.
lower risks and improve asset protection.
development of critical paths to improved employee and HR relations.

expert vision to provide a roadmap to reach your goals.
provides a focus to boost energy and enthusiasm among key employees.
emphasis on focusing time and money to create the greatest results.

a powerful tool to review and clarify your company's performance issues.
provides a basis for possible adjustments to your organizational structure or employee assignments.
a list of clear goals with specific, measurable requirements for each position.

expands your skills, knowledge, and attitudes for maximum success.
enhances goal achievement and effective goal management.
a focus on real world application and measurable results.

personalized attention in a step-by-step learning sequence.
individual mentoring to achieve goals defined by you.
positive results to achieve excellence and balance in your business and personal life.

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"I'm finally able to see the possibility of a personal life again. Not only that, every employee has blossomed and responded to the new challenges enthusiastically... I have never seen them happier. I can't thank you enough for giving me, my company, and these employees that I care deeply about these new opportunities."

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President & CEO,
Rogue Engineering

AMERA CONSULTING GROUP - Business Consultants, Austin, TX
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About our business consulting services. Amera Consulting Group offers general and small business management consulting services to Austin businesses.  Let one of our business consultants help your Austin business reach the next level of success.

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